How do I upload scripts?

Hover over your profile icon, and click on my scripts page. Set up your stripe connect account in order to receive payouts when your work sells! Click on the upload scripts button and fill out the upload form on our add script page

How many scripts can I upload?

You are free to upload as many scripts as you would like. There are no costs associated with uploading your scripts, they get posted for free and can stay up for as long as you’d like for free!

How much should I price my scripts?

This all depends if you are a WGA writer or not. We recommend that if you are you sell them at the minimums.

How do you communicate with a screenwriter?

You can message a screenwriter if you go to a script that you like and scroll down to the Author section there will be a messaging icon.Click it and it can take you to a chat room to discuss the script and even make a new offer.

How do I register my script with the WGA?

Visit www.WGA.org and scroll down to the bottom of the page. At the bottom left, they have a link titled “register script.”Click it on the link. Then click “register now” and answer all the questions.There will be a $40 registration fee. The WGA will send your registration in the mail. Then upload your certification to our site, www.scripthaven.com, and sell your work!

What if my address is international address like UK or AU?

Script Haven isn't supported internationally yet. Our team is working on ways to expand globally in the future. Stay in touch with us on all social media platforms and we will announce it there!